Valley Fresh Flowers Wholesale
1413 George Booth Drive

P : 02 4936 1649
F : 02 4936 1640

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Q  Do we grow flowers & foliages here?

A  Only a garden crop of seasonal flowers and foliages. They include Lavender, Daisy's, Ivy, Mock Orange, Ribbon Grass, Trailing Asparagus Fern, Succulents, Tortured Willow, Fan Palm,  & Agapanthas

Q  Guarantee?

A  Yes, if notified within 24hrs 

Q  What are our trading hours?

A   Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:30pm, closed Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays

Q  Do we sell sundries?

A  Yes, a very good basic range. We also take back orders .

Q  Where do the flowers come from? How long will they last?

A  They are commercially grown and come from the best growers in Australia in locations including South Eastern Queensland, the Central Coast and the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. They should last a few weeks which makes them better value for money than what you might buy cheaply elsewhere which only last a day or so.

Q  Where is Valley Fresh Flowers?

A  Valley Fresh Flowers is situated at 1413 George Booth Drive Buchanan, about 1.6km from the roundabout intersecting John Renshaw Drive and George Booth Drive. 

Q  Can I have the flowers delivered? Can I pay by credit card? Can I pay later?

A  We can have flowers delivered to almost anywhere in NSW. You can pay by credit card, direct deposit or cash. Sorry all purchases need to be paid for before leaving Valley Fresh Flowers, unless you hold an account which you can book up to the terms specified upon opening account.

Q  Do we do wedding orders? What services do we offer?

A  We order flowers for any type of special event as they are our specialty. We also sell a range of potted plants and sundries.

Q  How do I look after my flowers

A  See treatment of cut flowers in the info pack section.